Free Praxis Core and PACT Math Prep

We believe that qualified, highly effective teachers who stay in the classroom can empower students through learning. Our teachers develop the skills, hands-on experience and knowledge to ensure every child receives an equitable education.

In most states, passing either the Praxis Core or Pre-Admission Content Test (PACT) is a requirement to become a teacher. With proper preparation, most candidates can pass these exams. That’s why Urban Teachers, in partnership with TNTP Teaching Fellows, is happy to provide access to free, self-paced courses to sharpen math skills.

We want to eliminate barriers to becoming a teacher and increase the diversity in the profession, so we offer a personalized assessment up front. This helps identify your opportunities for growth, so you can focus on the math content areas that need the most improvement.

Check here for help determining which test applies in your area.


Free Prep for Praxis Core Math




When you enroll you’ll receive access to a free, self-paced, online course to help you learn more about the content and format of the Mathematics 7-12 and Core Subjects EC-6 exams.