Change Starts in Washington, DC

Why Move Here

If you’ve ever been to the nation’s capital, you know the memorials, free museums, and iconic government buildings are awe-inspiring. But, away from the National Mall and out of the lobby shops on K Street, almost 700,000 people from all walks of life call this city home. The District’s citizens are smart, civic-minded and diverse, which is why recent college grads have consistently made DC their destination of choice to launch careers.

Teaching Here

Our teachers are poised to be a part of the educational equity conversation with local, national and international leaders. And though it has one the largest achievement gaps in the country, DC has also been home to some of the most exciting and innovative education reforms of the last decade. Students have access to a robust system of public and public charter schools and educational opportunities are improving every day.

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*These numbers are estimates and subject to change based upon changes in student enrollment.

Living Here

The city is rapidly growing with the influx of young professionals supporting cultural activities that are easily accessed by a vast public transit network and multiple bike share programs. People here are more than their jobs. Many have a number of after-work commitments ranging from social sports leagues to foreign language classes.

In Washington, you’ll also find famous music venues, multiple professional sports teams, the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl and access to three world-class airports, should you need a weekend away.


Taylor Parson: DC Public Schools New Teacher of the Year

Taylor Parson, one of our cohort 2015 participants and a fourth-grade teacher at Anne Beers Elementary School, was named the DC Public Schools New Teacher of the Year for 2018. Parson was nominated for the Rubenstein award by her principal Gwendolyn Payton, who says Parson’s students are eager to learn from her and that their improved test scores and deep engagement are direct results of her teaching skills and ability.


Urban Teachers DC

This school year, Urban Teachers DC resident cohort, our largest to date, is made up of more than 120 driven resident teachers. Since 2010 Urban Teachers DC has built a highly effective work force of over 530 participants and alumni teaching in public and charter schools across the city. Approximately 109,500 DC students have been taught by our teachers since we launched our program.