Change Starts in Baltimore

Why Live Here

Career Builder recently named Baltimore one of the country’s “Best Cities for Recent College Graduates,” and it’s easy to see why. Baltimore is a city of neighborhoods, each with its own distinct personality and culture. If you make Baltimore your home, you’ll have easy access to a thriving network of people to meet, places to eat, and things to do. Each summer we host the nation’s largest free arts festival — ArtScape. In the warm months, you’ll find massive mobile sculptures racing across downtown and a weekend dedicated to celebrating the 1950s kitsch that made the city famous in movies and on Broadway.

Baltimore is also culturally rich. Many families have lived in the city for generations and are deeply committed to preserving their hometown and traditions. Festivals throughout the year celebrate African American, Polish, Italian, Filipino and Greek culture and heritage.

Teaching Here

Educators who teach here must ensure a quality, culturally responsive education that improves learning outcomes for all of Baltimore’s children. In Baltimore, success as a teacher depends on your willingness to become immersed in a community, your commitment to becoming a culturally responsive educator and your ability to develop relationships with your diverse students and their families. Our teachers change Baltimore through their impact on their students. We stay in the classroom for four years, help stabilize schools and become educational leaders in our communities.

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Pride & Values

The communities we teach in are also ripe with traditions and values that are sources of pride for our students: crabs and dirt bikes in the summer, the Baltimore club music scene, and the ability to get anywhere in a city with inequitable public transportation by catching a hack. It’s the responsibility of our teachers to begin building strong relationships with students and to make an effort to connect and learn about the history of these neighborhoods. This way, teachers can better serve students in the classroom.



You might choose to live downtown in one of the waterfront districts where you’ll have easy access to a thriving network of restaurants, pubs and social events. On the east side, you can join communities of immigrants, both recent and centuries old, for authentic cuisine and an immense sense of Baltimore pride. To the west, neighborhoods that buffer our stadium complex are having a resurgence, growing in social, economic and racial diversity. In mid-town, you’ll find huge historic homes, museums, theaters and the seat of the city’s LGBTQ community. Further north, you’ll run into neighborhoods full of punk rockers, the arts, and music district, Baltimore’s famous “Hons,” one of America’s first public parks and the Maryland Zoo.


Affordability & Convenience

In Baltimore there are plenty of inexpensive and authentic places to eat and your rent will leave enough of cash in your wallet to visit them all. Baltimore is also just a few hours from popular east coast beaches, and a short train or bus ride away from New York, Philadelphia and Washington. Traveling within the city is easy too. By car you can get pretty much anywhere in 30 minutes or less.


Urban Teachers Baltimore

Urban Teachers Baltimore has become an integral source of highly effective teaching talent for the city’s public and charter schools. We are proud partners with Baltimore City Public Schools and many public charter schools.

Urban Teachers’ retention rate in city schools is more than 20 percentage points higher than the city average – our teachers are highly effective, career teachers who deeply care about their students and the Baltimore City community.