Terrence S.

Dallas / Fort Worth
First Year Teaching Fellow

I did City Year after I graduated college and that convinced me that I wanted to become a teacher. I was accepted to a couple teacher training programs, but I chose Urban Teachers because I wanted to have the ability to learn and grow. I wanted to be able to practice in the classroom. I didn’t want to let kids down.

The residency year was long, but it wasn’t as difficult as I had imagined because of my cohort. We really held each other together. We quickly became huge family. As far as the coursework and classroom balance, it was really well planned. I would learn something in class on Tuesday and be able to implement it on Wednesday. You can really tell that Urban Teachers and Johns Hopkins sat down and really thought out the curriculum. It matches the flow of the school year.

Now I’m teaching fourth grade. I don’t think anyone’s first year of teaching is easy, but I feel much better equipped than if I hadn’t done my residency year with Urban Teachers. Some of my colleagues are just learning skills I already have in my tool belt. The coaching is a phenomenal help. I always feel like I leave my coaching sessions with reachable next steps. And since your coach is also your professor, there’s a level of comfort there.