Remy M.

Urban Teachers Resident
Washington, DC

The biggest change I have seen within myself is the development of my growth mindset. Prior to Urban Teachers, I prided myself on being open to feedback and change. The process of coaching and working with a master teacher truly molds and shifts my understanding and practice as an educator. Both forces pushed and challenged work, allowing me to shape-shift into the educator that my students and community needs.

Because of the injustices that my students face on a near day to day basis, I have never been more motivated to teach. Urban Teachers has challenged and encouraged me to address the internal conflicts and biases that I have, allowing me to begin to address the social, emotional, and cognitive needs of my students. Urban Teachers is set up so that I have the support to implement activism in my classroom with the coaches, mentor teachers, mentors, and Urban Teachers fellows to lean on. All these things, along with ensuring content rich and high engagement lessons, has prepared me to give the education that my students deserve.