Megan P.

Cohort 2012
Baltimore City Public Schools
Fourth Grade Teacher

I’m so grateful for the coaching that I received through Urban Teachers. Out of any program, I feel like Urban Teachers prepares you for every aspect of teaching, from planning to implementing lessons to responding when a child tells you they don’t have enough to eat. Coaching allows you to be more prepared than the average teacher.

I taught second grade the first four years and now I’m teaching fourth grade. I had some doubts. I wondered, ‘Maybe I’m just a really good teacher for second graders.’ But I had a student come to me the other day and say, ‘I never wanted to learn before, but in your class I’m willing to try.’

There’s a student I worked with intensively last year. He wouldn’t speak when he first came. By the end of the year, he would interact with me and some friends. I got a call from his current teacher the other day. He wanted to read aloud to me over the phone.

Urban Teachers is a challenge. You have to be willing to give it everything you have. But it will be the best decision you ever made because you will more prepared than anyone else entering the field of teaching.