Alyessa S.

Dallas / Fort Worth
First Year Teaching Fellow

I chose Urban Teachers because I really liked the model of a full year of residency and a lot of support to grow and develop as a professional. But what was most appealing was that it aligned with my values. I wanted to go to the inner city and work with children who need extra support.

Last year, as a resident, I learned a lot of things — how to help children grow academically and socially and emotionally, relating to them as a person and not just as a teacher. The biggest and the most beneficial part of coursework has been looking at what are best practices, how to best serve children with different backgrounds and home lives and socioeconomic statuses.

Now I’m teaching sixth grade English in the same school where I was a resident. One thing that makes Urban Teachers different is that we get certified in special education. And, because I’m in Dallas-Fort Worth, Urban Teachers also prepared me to teach English language learners. When I needs my students had this year, I knew I was equipped to meet them.

A lot of the things I learned last year has been immediately applicable to my teaching this year. I don’t think I would have gotten that anywhere else than Urban Teachers.