Urban Teachers Prepares for CEO Transition

After much discussion between CEO Jennifer Green and the Urban Teachers’ Board of Directors, we have agreed to transition the CEO role to new leadership.

Urban Teachers has been Jennifer’s life’s work and passion, outside of her family, and some time ago Jennifer made the Board of Directors aware of her desire to spend meaningful time with her daughters during their adolescence. This is an appropriate time to make this transition as her girls have reached that age and Urban Teachers is strategically prepared for new leadership. We believe Urban Teachers has reached a level of organizational growth that would be well-served by a leader with substantial experience in expansion who can help us maintain the incredible momentum we’ve established over the last eight years.

Jennifer will continue to serve as CEO through mid-year 2018 while we embark on a national search for her successor. We are committed to finding the right leader who will build upon our accomplishments and prove our theory of change: That it takes an effective, committed group of teachers to transform student outcomes, and a critical mass of these teachers will transform underserved schools. With the help of Bellwether
Education Partners, we will seek an innovative, passionate executive with experience growing organizations.

Urban Teachers has never been about one person, nor one founder. We consciously built a culture that thrives on a high-quality, knowledgeable team. Our amazing group of colleagues works tirelessly to train effective teachers, build lasting school partnerships, and most importantly, provide the students we serve with the teachers they deserve. We do this important work because we believe all children deserve an equitable education to prepare them for full, productive lives.

In 2010, when we launched Urban Teachers in Baltimore and D.C., our inaugural cohort of 39 residents started in 11 schools. Today, Urban Teachers has prepared nearly 1,000 residents who serve almost 150 schools in Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Dallas-Fort Worth. This has reinforced our belief that urban students deserve, and need, highly prepared teachers who make a long-term commitment to the classroom. We look forward to continuing to grow Urban Teachers with a committed community of colleagues, partners, donors, and advocates.

Jennifer Green
CEO, Urban Teachers

Vince Talbert
Chair, Urban Teachers Board of Directors