Re-creating the Classroom Online

Fatima Jallow, a member of Urban Teachers Cohort 2018, recently spoke with The Washington Post about the realities of teaching online during the coronavirus pandemic. Read more about her and her students here:

From the article: 

But teaching virtually makes it hard to connect with students. Sometimes Jallow’s students try to answer questions, but their Internet lags and they can’t speak. To keep the class moving, she has to call on someone else while the student sits frozen. Her students — or scholars, as she refers to them — often experience online-learning fatigue, drifting to a YouTube music video before their reading lessons end. She is putting more hours into teaching each week than ever before.

“It takes a certain level of patience and understanding to get through it,” said Jallow, 24, a first-year teacher at Achievement Prep and a second-year fellow with Urban Teachers, a program that provides training for teachers across the country. “I never thought I could do it. It is helping me to take it day by day.”