Advancing Equity in Educator Coaching

Urban Teachers is pleased to announce a new research endeavor to assess and advance equity in our educator coaching model. The research, conducted by Executive Director of Curriculum and Professional Development, Dionn Brown, will examine the coaching experiences of our early-stage Black educators.  

 Through one-on-one interviews with members of Cohort 2020, Brown hopes to discover how our early-stage Black educators experience instructional coaching and leverage those learnings to inform improvements to the existing Urban Teachers coaching program.  

“Urban Teachers is committed to growing alongside our aspiring educators. We recognize that there is always room for improvement within our curriculum and coaching work,” Brown said. “Our teachers deserve humanizing professional learning experiences and we must continue to design for this to manifest in their instructional coaching.” 

Participants of the Urban Teachers Black Educator Initiative who would like to be interviewed, or who would like to recommend a peer to be interviewed, as part of this project should express interest here.