Johns Hopkins University

In Collaboration with the Johns Hopkins School of Education

The Johns Hopkins School of Education is a vibrant community of scholars that combines decades of classroom experience with cutting-edge research. The school, which is ranked among the nation’s best graduate education programs, challenges students to understand and seek solutions to the biggest issues facing schools today.

Urban Teachers and the Johns Hopkins School of Education have collaborated on a curriculum specifically designed to give teachers the skills they need to empower students in urban schools. Graduates are prepared to teach special needs children, develop research-based curricula to close the achievement gap and address the social and emotional needs of students and families. They are eager to contribute to a school’s culture and step into leadership roles.

Urban Teachers participants receive a Master of Science in Education degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Education. The coursework is taught in person by School of Education faculty and is a clinically based curriculum with a focus on real-world classroom experience.

Those interested in the Urban Teachers program complete a two-step application process. First, they apply to Urban Teachers. Once accepted, candidates then apply for admission to the School of Education. Urban Teachers bundles the bulk of applicants’ admissions materials and delivers them to the School of Education to ensure an expedited review process.

The need for highly effective urban teachers is urgent.


Interested in Becoming a Great Urban Teacher?