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Fast Facts About Urban Teachers

History: Urban Teachers launched its teacher preparation program in 2009. Since 2010, the organization has welcomed 1,222 aspiring teachers and expanded to 331 schools, teaching nearly 100,000 students in Baltimore, DC and Dallas/Fort Worth.

Founders: Urban Teachers was founded by Jennifer Green and Christina Hall.

Urban Teachers’ Model

  • Participants commit to the program for four years.
  • Participants spend 14 months as co-teachers before managing their own classrooms for the remaining three years of the program.
  • Participants get three years of one-on-one coaching.
  • Participants earn a master’s degree from the American University School of Education leading to licensure in general and special education.
  • Urban Teachers links certification to effective teaching practice and meeting program requirements.

2021-2022 School Year

Urban Teachers participants and alumni are teaching about 52,500 students

  • 15,500 students in Baltimore
  • 14,000 students in Dallas / Fort Worth
  • 23,000 students in Washington, DC

Urban Teachers has welcomed 1,222 residents to date

  • 400 in Baltimore
  • 300 in Dallas/Fort Worth
  • 530 in Washington, DC

Urban Teachers participants and alumni teach in 331 public and charter schools

  • 100 schools in Baltimore
  • 100 schools in Dallas/Fort Worth
  • 135 schools in Washington, DC

78% of first-year teachers returned to the classroom for a fifth year

Cohort 2021 Urban Teachers Residents

  • 63% people of color
  • 33% first-generation college goers
  • 3.3 average undergraduate GPA