Our Mission

Combating Racial and Socioeconomic Inequality

More than a half-century after Brown v. Board of Education, American schools remain deeply separate and profoundly unequal. Rates of high school and college graduation are distinctly lower for Latinx and black students than their white peers. In addition, Latinx and black children are much more likely to attend a school where most of the students come from predominantly poor families.

Educational disparities are particularly stark in urban schools. Many new teachers arrive at these schools with little preparation or support, and, unable to deal with challenges, they leave. This frequent teacher turnover negatively impacts every aspect of the school—administrators, parents, and, most critically, students.

At Urban Teachers, we believe great teachers are the key to combating racial and socioeconomic inequality. Our mission is to prepare highly effective teachers who are committed to teaching students in the districts that need them most and empowering every child through learning.


“The biggest change I’ve seen in myself is a change in self-confidence and trusting myself to plan ahead, execute the lesson and knowing that I am and can be a good teacher because my kids deserve a great teacher and I’m working hard to become one.”

Cameron S., Emerson College, Medfield, Massachusetts, Cohort 2017