Our Education Partner

The American University School of Education is a nationally recognized leader in preparing anti-racist, community-driven teachers.

Join a vibrant learning environment committed to developing an equity-driven community where all students are given the support to realize their potential and cultivate successful careers in education.

American University has a proven commitment to serving children in urban public schools and is institutionally aligned with the City Teaching Alliance teaching methods. Founded in 2019, the new American University School of Education ranks in the top 7% of the best education schools in the US and is on the leading edge of teacher preparation with a unique approach emphasizing action, partnership, and local impact.

Under the leadership of one of the most dynamic Deans of Education in the country, the school is committed to developing innovative programming and amplifying the impact of the City Teaching Alliance program. Dean Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy, a lifelong educator, Aspen Institute Ascend Fellow, and recognized leader in the education space, has the wealth of knowledge, expertise, and wisdom necessary to lead a thriving antiracist and equity-driven community.

Vision meets Application

 “Children come to school with a variety of lived experiences. Nevertheless, every student, regardless of cultural, racial, economic, and linguistic background, deserves access to qualified, well-prepared teachers,” said Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy, Dean of American University’s School of Education.

“We are excited to partner with City Teaching Alliance to further meet our vision of preparing a new generation of diverse teachers and improving the academic and life outcomes of all students.” 

  • Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy, Dean of American University’s School of Education

City Teaching Alliance and American University have partnered to deliver a curriculum that not only provides a grounding in high-quality K-12 instruction, but also teaches the importance of understanding and appreciating a child’s community and culture. American’s professors, selected for their student-centered approach to learning and experience in urban public education, deliver courses including “Race, Culture, and Equity in Urban Education” and “Trauma Informed Teaching Practices.”  

Future teachers will receive a best-in-class preparation, earning a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, with dual-certifications in a content area (elementary education, secondary mathematics, or secondary English language arts) and special education, as well as placement in a full-time teaching position in one of our four partner cities.