Every Child Deserves
a Great Teacher

Educational inequality is one of the most pressing civil rights issues of our time. Great teachers are the key to combating racial and socioeconomic inequality. Support our mission to prepare highly effective teachers who are committed to teaching students in the districts that need them most and empowering every child through learning.

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Change Starts in
the Classroom

Our aspiring teachers earn a Master of Science in Education from the Johns Hopkins School of Education. We prepare teachers to be highly effective educators who are committed to equity and inclusivity, and empower every child through learning. At Urban Teachers, we believe access to a quality education gives young people the tools to become forces of change in their communities.

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Total students served by Urban Teachers participants and alumni since 2010*


Total Urban Teachers Residents since 2010


Total students served 2017-2018 by Urban Teachers participants and alumni*


Total Urban Teachers residents 2017–2018


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*These numbers are estimates and subject to change based upon changes in student enrollment.

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We’re Committed
to Our Teachers

Only Urban Teachers offers a highly-selective, rigorous program that includes three years of intensive coaching. During the first year in our program, known as the residency year, our participants work in the classroom alongside a host teacher getting over 1,500 hours of real classroom experience. Residents devote their time to developing their clinical practice during the day in their assigned school and developing their content and instructional knowledge through coursework in the master’s program at night. In year two, our residents become fellows and step into classrooms of their own. They continue their training as a teacher of record with continued coursework and coaching support. Three-quarters of our first-year teachers complete all four years of the program.

Come First

We believe that access to high-quality education is a civil right. Every child deserves a great education to prepare them for a full, productive life. At Urban Teachers, we are creating a pipeline of highly-effective, career teachers who give students the skills they need to excel, and are committed to the communities they serve. Our teachers bring their own diverse experiences and backgrounds to the classroom. More than half of our Residents are people of color and nearly one-third are the first in their family to complete college.