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We prepare, certify, and support new educators to be highly effective so they can provide high-quality education for children by offering a master’s degree, coaching, mentoring, and job placement. Teachers who finish our program are committed to excellence, equity, and inclusivity, and have the skills and confidence to build lasting, fulfilling careers.

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Join one of our cohorts in a city full of opportunity and rich with culture! When you join Urban Teachers at any of our locations, you’ll have access to a thriving network of education professionals and a collection of exciting new experiences, restaurants, museums, and events. Urban Teachers is accepting applications for our Fall 2023 cohorts in Baltimore, Dallas/Fort Worth, Washington, DC and Philadelphia. We offer programs of study in Elementary, Secondary Math, and Secondary English Language Arts; and each program of study includes preparation in Special Education. Additionally, in each of our partner cities, we work with school districts and charter management organizations that have some of the highest starting teacher pay in the nation. Learn more about Urban Teachers and see if we are the right fit for you.

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Total students served by Urban Teachers participants and alumni since 2010*


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Total students served 2020-2021 by Urban Teachers participants and alumni*


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*These numbers are estimates and subject to change based upon changes in student enrollment.

our commitment

Diversity, Equity,
and Inclusion

At Urban Teachers, we prioritize dismantling racial and socioeconomic barriers in urban education. The curriculum at Urban Teachers is purposefully designed to prompt future teachers to tackle issues of race and equity both inside and outside of their classrooms.

Not only do we want to equitably teach all children, but we also want to ensure that we are presenting equitable opportunities to all aspiring teachers. Nationally, only 12% of public school teachers are Black (2% Black males), but nearly 40% of Urban Teachers residents and teachers identify as Black. However, this is still not fully representative of the 70% of students who identify as Black in our Baltimore, Dallas and DC schools. Historical and contemporary qualitative and quantitative research highlights that teachers of color improve learning as well as social and emotional development for their students of color (Bristol & Martin-Fernandez, 2019). Urban Teachers is striving to ensure that students are being represented by their teachers and is actively working to recruit more aspiring Black teachers through our Black Educators Initiative (BEI). In addition to providing financial supports, BEI will provide programmatic support that will assist Black teachers in the unique challenges they face.

Learn More about Urban Teachers’ Mission, Vision, and Values and our Black Educators Initiative.

Come First

We believe that access to high-quality education is a civil right. Every child deserves a great education to prepare them for a full, productive life. At Urban Teachers, we are creating a pipeline of highly-effective, career teachers who give students the skills they need to excel, and are committed to the communities they serve. Our teachers bring their own diverse experiences and backgrounds to the classroom. More than half of our Residents are people of color and nearly one-third are the first in their family to complete college.